API-First Institutional DLT for Frictionless Diversification

EthTrust’s API platform delivers embedded solutions to surface a wide catalog of products to customers. We're still building the future right now, and actively seeking co-creators to shape our alpha product.

We're working with some of the best partners in the industry:

Why EthTrust?

Modern customers deserve opportunities in alternative investment products – introduced seamlessly through their existing financial institution.

Big banks, neobanks, investment apps and “bankless” payment apps are competing for attention with unsustainable interest rates, flimsy reward programs and features that may not benefit the customer.

Many financial institutions without digital asset solutions have seen assets – and customers – leave their balance sheet for good. Before they're lured away, wouldn’t it be better to catch and hold the attention of the customers you’ve already built a relationship with? We think so.

We’re building a financial technology platform the way it should have been built – from the ground up.

Simple, Safe Platform Integration

EthTrust’s Platform integrates easily through well-known and trusted core systems like Alkami, FIS, Fiserv, Jack Henry, NCR, Q2 and DCI. We stand on the shoulders of known platforms to streamline integration.

Enable Multiple Digital Asset Offerings

EthTrust enables the flexibility to offer a tailored set of assets to match consumer demand.

Engage, Retain and Renew Customers

Modern, alternative asset classes can help attract and engage new customers, as well as prevent capital flight to popular platforms.

Frictionless, Turn-Key Operation

EthTrust’s platform integrates natively with partner Broker/Dealers, Exchanges, Liquidity Providers and Qualified Custodians. EthTrust allows customers to direct their transactions privately – without exposure to external transaction or counterparty risk.

Intelligent Reporting and Analytics

EthTrust delivers real-time reporting and analytics to meet comprehensive compliance and audit requirements, as well as to deliver critical insights around customer investment trends. Point-in-time and aggregate position APIs help manage netting and tax reporting/reconciliation.

Security and Safety Forward

EthTrust's solutions are built around a security-first philosophy, leveraging strategies including multi-sig and threshold signature contracts, hot/cold digital vaults, and immutable private ledgers to align with evolving best practices.